Updates on the Integrated Drought Management Project in Kosovo

In the face of escalating climate change challenges, Kosovo is experiencing increasing droughts that threaten both its water resources and socio-economic stability. To address these challenges, the SlovakAid-funded project, in collaboration with the Global Water Partnership Central and Eastern Europe (GWP CEE) and the Water and Waste Water Works Association Kosovo (SHUKOS), has initiated the "Integrated Drought Management System and Measures to Mitigate the Impact of Climate Change in Kosovo." This project aims to foster sustainable water management through an integrated drought management approach.

Key Activities and Progress Since October 2022:


Two training webinars have already been organized:

         1.Drought Monitoring and Early Warning Systems: Focused on improving current                monitoring capabilities.                                                                  

  1. Practical Aspects of Calculating SPEI Indices: Offered potential upgrades to Kosovo's drought monitoring system.

Main Output: Kosovo Drought Action Plan

One of the project's main outputs will be the Kosovo Drought Action Plan. This plan is structured to provide concrete recommendations and actions for each of the three pillars of Integrated Drought Management. It will guide Kosovo in developing a national drought plan and updating regional drought plans. The plan will be refined through consultations with drought experts and stakeholders, and within the Kosovo Community of Practice.

Recent Activities: Kosovo Drought Dialogue (May 13-14, 2024)

Partners and experts recently organized the Kosovo Drought Dialogue with the following main objectives:

  • Facilitate dialogue among stakeholders from various sectors to collaborate and finalize recommendations and actions for the Kosovo Drought Action Plan.
  • Gather expertise, insights, and commitments necessary for implementing strategies to mitigate drought impacts and enhance water security.

During the dialogue, stakeholders prioritized the proposed actions in the action plan, discussed necessary resources, identified responsible institutions, and set timeframes to ensure continued progress beyond the project's conclusion. More information on the dialogue outcomes will be shared soon.

This project marks a significant step forward in addressing drought challenges in Kosovo and aims to create a sustainable framework for managing water resources in the face of climate change.