Regional Council

Members of the Regional Council are nominated by their respective Country Water Partnerships for three-year terms, with possible extensions for another three year period.

The Regional Council meets twice a year to discuss strategic issues, challenges, and approve a workplan and budget.
The Council is the highest decision making body of the GWP CEE.

Regional Chair
Mr. Tomasz Okruszko
E-mail: t.okruszko[at]

GWP Bulgaria
Ms. Galia Bardarska
E-mail: bardarska[at]

GWP Czech Republic
Mr. Mark Rieder

GWP Estonia
Mr. Toomas Tamm
E-mail: toomas.tamm[at]

GWP Hungary
Mr. Attila Lovas
E-mail: lovas.attila[at]

GWP Latvia
Mr. Maris Ozolins
E-mail: daugava2000[at]

GWP Lithuania
Mr. Gintautas Stankunavicius 
E-mail: gintas.stankunavicius[at]

GWP Moldova
Mr. Dumitru Drumea
E-mail: ddrumea559[at]

GWP Poland
Mr. Tomasz Okruszko
E-mail: t.okruszko[at]

GWP Romania
Mr. Liviu-Nicolae Popescu
E-mail: lipopesc[at]

GWP Slovakia
Mr. Tomas Orfanus
E-mail: tomasorfanus[at]

GWP Ukraine
Mr. Mykhaylo Yatsyuk
E-mail: mv_yatsiuk[at]