Participation in the technical meeting of the Steering and Technical Committee of the Global Programme for Integrated Drought Management

Each year at WMO, a meeting is held at the global level to provide strategic guidance to regional programmes. This is also an opportunity to make advocacy with some of the financial partners.

From 6-7 September 2017 in Geneva, the discussions were based on the 2016/2017 Progress Report and the 2017-2019 work programme. Recommendations include increasing interaction with regional climate centres, better characterizing the IDMP target audience by conducting a user needs analysis, exploring the science-policy interface and collaborating with interdisciplinary teams, including social science, economists, political scientists and others.

With regard to knowledge products, it was recommended that one of them (one brochure/manual/guidelines) on mitigation and preparedness be developed, another (one brochure/manual/guidelines) on vulnerability and impact assessment, and that the integrated drought management framework document be finalized.

On research, it was recommended to set up a small team/working group on the International Research Centre for Drought Mitigation, connecting high-level policy needs to research (possibly through the International Research Centre for Drought Mitigation) and ensuring that the International Centre for Drought Mitigation Research is an integral part of the IDMPs and that there is no duplication.

For capacity development, it is recommended to work with UNDP Cape-Net to revise the drought management training manual.