Mali, refining the SDG support programme proposal

The Country Water Partnership (CWP) of Mali have worked on Saturday 14 November 2019 to refine the country proposal for the SDG 6.5.1 Support Programme.

The CWP team including the Chair, Mr. Navon CISSE, the Experts Committee chair, Dr. Ali Badra PLEAH and the Executive Secretary, Alioune Bagou DIARRA were assisted by the regional coordinator Mr. Armand HOUANYE and Communications and knowledge manager, Mr. Sidi COULIBALY.
Mali’s proposal is to support the implementation of the Target 6.5 of the SDG 6 on IWRM in giving a new dynamism to the National Water Council and supporting the implementation process of basin agencies and a water financing system all included in the National IWRM Plan for 2019-2030.