Mékrou Project Phase 2-Niger, methodological framing session for consultation missions

The project team and partners plan to hold on February 16, 2021 in Niamey a session of methodological framing of the missions of consultations on:

- finalization and operationalization of the water development and management plan for the Mekrou sub-basin in Niger and definition of pilot implementation initiatives; and

- The establishment, operationalization, coordination and monitoring of the functioning of the integrated water resources management bodies in the Mekrou sub-basin.

The Regional Project manager taking part in this session will take the opportunity to :

- review with the PM team the operational implementation of the project ;

- discuss potential synergies to be developed in the implementation of the project and other ongoing and future initiatives in Niger and in the sub-region (AFD and GiZ);

- discuss potential synergies to be developed with other ongoing initiatives in the intervention zone;

- take stock of the implementation of the recommendations of the Project Steering Committee and agree on a roadmap for the organization of the next Steering Committee meeting scheduled for March 2021.