Advocacy for the adoption of the texts of application of the law on public hygiene in Benin

Within the framework of the implementation of the project "Clean up Waste and Liquid" financed by NIYEL, in partnership with CWP-Benin, this year activities included the advocacy leading to the adoption of regulatory texts for the application of the law on public hygiene in Republic of Benin.

Indeed, the Framework for Consultation of Non-State Actors in the Water and Sanitation Sector (CANEA), led CWP-Benin, carried out the advocacy for the vote of the said Law, which ended in 2022, with the vote and its promulgation on 16 February 2022. Following this promulgation, CANEA is now involved in the advocacy for the popularization and monitoring of the adoption of the implementing regulations of this law.

In this context, CANEA members took the opportunity of the "Water, Sanitation and Infrastructure" session of the National Association of Benin Municipalities (ANCB) to inform on the law, its innovations and the prerogatives attributed to the municipalities.

In the same vein, a contract was signed with the Network of Media Actors for the Environment and Climate (RAMEC) to conduct a media campaign for advocacy towards the authorities of the sectoral ministries in charge of drafting these application texts.