Benin, an extraordinary statutory partners’ meeting to discuss new institutional arrangements

CWP Benin held on September 20, 2017 a meeting of partners to adopt amendments done in the bylaws of the platform. Speaking, Mr. André TOUPE, chair of the CWP said that the CWP has to reposition itself in a totally changing environment in terms of implementation and compliance with IWRM principles in Benin and that requires a change of role within the water sector.

The CWP will is to better position itself within the Civil Society Organizations, in order to ensure a strategic watch for good governance in the water and sanitation sectors. There is also a need to improve the functioning of the network through the reform of the local water partnerships, to strengthen the membership within the network and make the contribution of CWP Benin to good governance of the sector more effective.

Among the amendments, after updating the Preamble, an emphasis is put on the status of civil society actor, an integration of the strategic intelligence function for governance and integrity in the water sector, updating the mission of CWP Benin to cover the strategic monitoring for water governance.

AG PNE BeninAmong the amendments is an affirmation of the moral character of network members, no individual membership. Some precisions were given in the way to become a partner, on how the organs operate, on the powers of the members of the organs, etc.

The partners recommended that the working group make a financial estimate of the functioning of the new institutional arrangement and propose sources of funding; to call on one or two representatives of the LWPs during their work to benefit from their contributions to include in the new texts articles on the functioning of Local Water Partnerships (LWPs).

The meeting brought together the members of the governing bodies of CWP-Benin (Steering Committee, Technical Committee and Executive Board), as well as the Local Water Partnerships, (LWP) and the Technical and Financial Partners, as well as some guests.