Benin, assessing the communes on the promotion of integrity in the water and sanitation sector

Five communes (Avrankou, Bopa, Ifangni, Ouinhi and Pobè) in Benin were supported for good governance principles in their municipalities through an exercise to promote integrity practices in the water and sanitation sector. This exercise was supported by the development and implementation of an integrity action plan for the said sectors.

This was included in the charter for good governance in the water and sanitation sector in Benin developed and implemented together with the CWP, Social Watch Benin and ALCRER NGO consortium in the framework of the implementation of the Governance component of the OmiDelta program.

After one year of implementation of their integrity action plans, the communes are being assessed on the implementation of good integrity practices. This assessment is based on an evaluation of the implementation of the activities and the effects of the implementation of the actions in the integrity plans.

Each of the five communes received a team of evaluators who conducted the assessment in the presence of the key actors involved in the management of the two sectors. The four categories of actors identified are the institutional actors, the civil society organizations involved in citizen monitoring in the water and sanitation sectors, the service providers with the youth and women's associations and the private sector, and finally the elected officials.

The evaluation process will be completed in July with the awarding of the three best Communes that have promoted water and sanitation integrity practices in their territory. The recipients will be recognized at an award ceremony. The value of the prize is a check of 1,500,000 F CFA (about 2,300 EUR), which will be issued to each recipient. 

As a prelude to this ceremony, a workshop to share good practices implemented in the Communes will be organized and will allow sharing experience between municipalities.