Benin, training workshop for non-state actors on the fundamentals of citizen watch

A training of trainers on "the fundamentals of citizen watch" was organized on 17 and 18, 2021 in Porto-Novo. This activity is part of the implementation of the governance component of the OmiDelta program by the consortium CWP-Benin, Social Watch and ALCRER.

About twenty participants from the Local Water Partnerships of Benin, the Technical Commission of Experts of the CWP-Benin, the Networks of Journalists, NGOs, Youth active in the field of water related domains attended the workshop.

The activity aimed at training trainers mobilized to strengthen the capacities of Non-State Actors (NSAs) on citizen's watch to operationalize the implementation of the IWRM in Benin. The course helped to define citizen monitoring and related concepts, master the legal foundations of citizen control, build a citizen monitoring approach, describe and deploy citizen monitoring techniques and tools and identify the conditions for success or failure of a citizen control action.

The participants were well equipped to conduct these trainings at the level of the Communes and also at the level of the territories managed by the established local Water Committees.