Capacity building for sanitation workers in Benin

The wastewater and sewage sludge management sector will soon be booming in Benin, with the new reforms underway in the sanitation sector. To this end, the country has equipped itself with sludge treatment plants that meet the standards.

In order to prepare the actors of sewage sludge management gathered in the Association of Professional Emptying Operators (AVIPRO) to better organize themselves and especially, to respect the norms related to this activity, the Non-State Actors in the water and sanitation sector consultation framework (CANEA) in collaboration with its partners planned a training session for these emptying operators as a way of strengthening their capacities.  As a prelude to this training session, a workshop to identify capacity building needs was organized on Wednesday 28 September 2022 in Cotonou. This initiative is carried out within the framework of the implementation of the project "SANITIZE LIQUID WASTE" financed by NIYEL.

The objective of this workshop is to strengthen the emptiers within the AVIPRO to deliver on emptying and dumping standards.

About fifteen participants from the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Living Environment and Sustainable Development, the Solid Waste Management Company (SGDS), CANEA, AVIPRO Benin, USAID/Muniwash.