Closing meeting of the TFTC 2 project in Benin

The closing workshop of phase 2 of the TonFuturTonClimat project in Benin was held on 28 March 2023 in Tanguiéta. The country project "Mobilisation of youth associations for a better management of water resources in the Tchoutchoubou micro-basin in the Pendjari basin" aimed at improving the sustainable management of natural and related resources in the Tchoutchoubou micro-basin in the Pendjari sub-basin through a strong involvement of youth.

The project's intervention strategy recognises the role of youth in defining sustainable solutions to climate change and positions young people as actors in the implementation of activities on the ground.

The opening ceremony was chaired by the Mayor of Tanguiéta in the presence of a representative of the Atacora Prefecture, CWP-Benin and the chair of the Local Water Partnership (PLE) Atacora-Donga.

The meeting provided an opportunity to present the results of the implementation of the project with the stakeholders, to share good practices, lessons learned as well as difficulties related to the implementation of the project. It also provided an opportunity to gather the opinions of some key actors in the implementation of the project for the production of a documentary sharing the results of the project and to give an orientation on how the achievements will be perpetuated and scaled up.

About 40 participants representing the young beneficiaries of TFTC 2, women farmers, the Municipal Hygiene and Sanitation Association (ACHA), the Local Water Committee (CLE) of Tchouchoubou, the Tanguiéta town hall, the Atacora prefecture, the GIZ/AGIREau project, the communal Water-Forest-Hunting sections and the Territorial Agency for Agricultural Development (ATDA), the deconcentrated structures of the State in charge of water and the environment and the partner NGOs (JURA AFRICA, SOS SAVANE, etc. ).

As capitalised results, we can mention among others:

  • 1025 Gmelina arborea plants produced by the young students trained who made 250 plants available to the town hall to reforest a public space near the residence of the Mayor of Tanguiéta, to reforest the public primary school of Porka (Tanguiéta commune) and to contribute to the replacement of the plants that did not survive at the level of the banks of the river Tchnoutchoubou reforested with 200 plants;
  • A 10-hectare orchard of selected high-productivity mango trees (Kent and Amelie varieties) has been established at the Tchoutchoubou UH;
  • 10,000 forest seedlings (3,000 Gmelina arborea; 2,500 Adansonia digitata/Baobab, 2,000 Acacia auriculiformis and 2,500 Ceiba Pentandra) planted on the deforested area on the banks of the Tchoutchoubou River (10 ha);
  • 20 young TFTC 2 beneficiaries trained in composting techniques and the manufacture of liquid fertiliser and Bokhachi produced 3.5 tonnes of organic fertiliser and 625 litres of liquid fertiliser;
  • the young beneficiaries of TFTC 2 have registered in a cooperative called BIO OR DUR and aim to create an organic fertilizer production unit in the commune of Tanguiéta.

 A panel discussion on the theme: "Development of the organic material sector in the commune: issues and challenges" helped to clear the way for the young people by informing them about the appreciation of this youth initiative by ACHA, the mayor's office, the CLE Tchoutchoubou and partner NGOs on the one hand; and to facilitate their contact with other structures that are also involved in this sector on the other.

The assessment and learning workshop ended to the great satisfaction of all participants.

The focus is now on a third phase that will accompany the implementation of the initiative of the young TFTC 2 beneficiaries.