Ghana holds workshop to validate SDG6 IWRM Action Plan

The Water Resources Commission, in collaboration with Ghana Country Water Partnership, organized a workshop on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 6 target 6.5 on Integrated Water Resources Management on 20th June 2019.

The overall objective of this workshop is to validate the SDG6 IWRM Action Plan prepared for Ghana by a Task Force that was established to streamline actions proposed during the first consultative workshop. Specifically, the Action Plan with the annexure that provided the rational and approach of each action was reviewed through group work and validated.

Mr. Gareth James Lloyd from UNEP-DHI represented the partners of the support to Ghana. Mr. Lloyd noted that Ghana was on track to defining actions that would enhance her outlook in the next survey of the UN Water Monitoring and Reporting on the SDG6. Thus, it was opportune to make that reflect in the present work and called on government and the people to make it happen.

About thirty (30) participants drawn from governmental agencies, civil society organisations and the private sector were present. Participants made inputs into defining appropriate mechanisms for the Action Plan implementation.

Participants recommended that the Action Plan be taken to development partners to solicit their views and support for funding.