GWP-WA & WMO to support VBA on environmental monitoring in the basin

GWP WA is collaborating with the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) to support the Volta Basin Authority (VBA) to integrate flood and drought management and develop early warning for its climate change adaptation measures.

A regional consultant is recruited to carry out a study on environmental and social impact in the Volta Basin. This will feed in the project proposal being drafted on the Integration of flood and drought management and early warning for climate change adaptation in the Volta Basin.

A consultation meeting took place on 24 May 2018 between VBA, GWP/AO and the consultant in charge of the study. This was an opportunity to properly frame the objectives of the mission, which will take place in three phases: a documentary and literary review of the project; a visit of the sites identified in different relevant sites of the Volta Basin and the preparation and validation of the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment report.

A working meeting is planned late in June between WMO, GWP/WA and VBA to define and share tasks, responsibilities and budget among all partners in the six VBA member countries.