GWP WA at the adaptation Future Conference 2018 in Cape Town

“Enabling Delta Life- increasing cooperation for good governance to enhance climate resilience of communities in delta regions” is the title of the communication made by Dr. Fabien Hountondji, GWP WA Technical Committee member who represented the region at the Adaptation Future Conference 2018 in Cape Town, South Africa.

The presentation focused on the complexity of governance of deltas and raised the issues of gender mainstreaming, role of youth, water security in deltas, addressing governance in processes and focus on integrity in delta management. The presentation highlighted that institutional implementation is always difficult and not easy to enable good governance. There are numerous stakeholders involved from the high governmental to the local level. Numerous problems are at the local level where there is a need to build capacities of delta communities. The presentation informed that IWRM and cross-sectoral integration will help in addressing adaptation and resilience challenges that are spread across various sectors. It is important to build trust, share knowledge and information in a transparent manner among the delta communities and stakeholders. The presentation also shared information about an ongoing initiative called WACDEP- to advance the implementation of the Paris Agreement on climate change through ensuring water security.

The communication was made during the session on Water Governance to build resilience that benefits vulnerable populations.  This session was organized by the Water Integrity Network (WIN) jointly with the  Dutch Water Authorities (DWA), Global Water Partnership-West Africa (GWP-WA), International Water Management Institute (IMWI), Kenya Water and Sanitation Civil Societies Network (KEWASNET), and OECD-Water Governance Initiative (OECD-WGI).