GWP WA chair discusses with CWP Côte d’Ivoire

Taking advantage of his stay in Abidjan as part of the establishment of the ABCBT, the Chair of GWP-WA had an exchange meeting on Thursday 26 April 2018 with stakeholders of the CWP Côte d'Ivoire (PNECI). The meeting was attended by some members of the Steering Committee and the Scientific and Technical Committee of the CWP. The exchanges focused on the revitalization of the Country Water Partnership of Côte d'Ivoire.

The GWP-WA Chair focused on the aspects related to good governance through the timely renewal of bodies and the accreditation process the CWP to be completed, the need to open the CWP to new actors with the involvement of all and the importance for the CWP to give itself a role in the country and work for the financial and administrative autonomy.

The CWP Chair, Mr. Ndri KOFFI suggested that an extraordinary meeting would take place in order for him to withdraw and hand over the chairmanship to a new one.

The participants at the meeting paid tribute to Ndri Koffi and wished for a diligent renewal of the Steering Committee and the chairmanship and requested the support of the GWP-WA.

The dates of Wednesday 27 and Thursday 28 June 2018 have been proposed for the organization of the Extraordinary General Assembly.