GWP-WA committed to facing all challenges to mobilize water stakeholders for the sustainable development of West Africa

The members of the Steering Committee (SC) of the Global Water Partnership in West Africa (GWP-WA) met online on October 20, 2023 to analyze the progress of the network and provide guidance in line with their mandate to manage the regional network between two Assemblies of Partners (AP).

For this first regular meeting of the year (an extraordinary one was held in February 2023), SC members analyzed all documents highlighting operations, i.e. achievements for 2023 and regional network planning for 2024.

This review revealed that:

Regarding the status of implementation of the decisions and resolutions of the GWP-AO Partners' General Assembly of September 29, 2021, the SC notes a satisfactory level of execution of the decisions and resolutions of the Partners' Assembly of September 29, 2021. Of 4 decisions, 3 are fully implemented and one partially implemented. Of 5 recommendations, 3 are fully implemented, one partially implemented and one not implemented.

Regarding the status of implementation of the decisions and recommendations of the February 9, 2023 Extraordinary Meeting of the Steering Committee, the SC notes a satisfactory level of implementation of the recommendations. The two decisions taken have been fully implemented. Of 6 resolutions, 3 were fully implemented, one partially implemented and 2 not implemented.

With regard to the report on GWP-WA's technical activities to September 30, 2023, the SC also notes a very good level of implementation of GWP-WA's technical activities to September 30, 2023, and notes the progress made in this context of insecurity in our region. The self-assessment of the GWP-WA's management and governance performance was good, and the results framework indicators were satisfactory overall.

With regard to GWP-WA's financial execution to August 31, 2023, the SC notes an overall budget execution of 50% for GWP and locally mobilized funds, 62% for CORE and additional funds, and 17% for WACDEP-G (region & Benin). The SC notes an overall financial execution of Mandats Divers of 57%, of which 96% for IWS, 74% for WMO, 82% for EUD Niger and 0% for REWARD.

With regard to the audit report on GWP- AO's accounts for the 2022 financial year (CORE, AIP-WACDEP-G AND MANDATS Divers), the SC highlights the main conclusions, which do not reveal any significant anomalies, as well as the various recommendations and the extent to which they have been considered.

Regarding the GWP-WA's 2024 work plan and budget, the SC notes that the 2024 work plan is part of the second three-year program 2023-2025 of the 2020-2025 Strategy, with a budget estimated at One Million One Hundred and Fifty-Two Thousand (1,152,000) Euros, corresponding to Seven Hundred and Fifty-Five Million Six Hundred and Sixty-Two Thousand Four Hundred and Sixty-Four (755,662,464) CFA Francs.

With regard to the Note on the Assembly of Partners (AP), the SC noted the preparations for the forthcoming 2023 Assembly of Partners (AP) in a context characterized by heightened security challenges and the mobilization of financial resources.

After examination, the members of the SC approved all the documents submitted, congratulated the GWP-WA Chairman and Executive Secretariat and invited them to take all the necessary steps for the successful holding of the AP by putting forward themes related to the major regional sustainable development challenges in West Africa.

The GWP-WA Chair, Mr. Abdoulaye SENE, paid a heartfelt tribute to Ms. Julienne ROUX, former GWPO Senior Network Officer for GWP West Africa. He asked that a letter of thanks and recognition be sent to her. He welcomed Ms Sandra BRUEHLMANN, the new GWPO Senior Network Officer for GWP West Africa. The Chairman noted the particular context in which the SC meeting was held, notably the regional security crisis, the Russia-Ukraine conflict, the crisis in the Middle East, and the drop in funding. “This obliges us," he said, "to readapt in order to remain effective in implementing our activities”. Mr. SENE gave an overview of the governance crisis affecting the Secretariat of the GWP Network at global level, with its repercussions on the network as a whole:

  • Difficulties in convincing former financial partners and canvassing new ones.
  • The urgent and painful governance reforms required to save the network.
  • His personal commitment to the rescue as Chair of the GWP Regional Chairs.
  • The difficult management of regional diversity.
  • The demonstration of the Network's resilience in these extremely difficult times.

The lesson to be drawn from this crisis for GWP-WA is to remobilize to increase its power of proposal and driving force, and broaden its existing partnerships in order to mobilize more at regional level to meet the sustainable development challenges. "GWP-WA must continue to be a reference in the region in its support and guidance to organizations, institutions and countries in the West African region", says Mr. Abdoulaye SENE. The members of the SC gave during the debates the necessary guidelines to enable the objectives set to be achieved.

The next statutory meetings of the AP and SC are scheduled for December 1 and 2, 2023 in Ouagadougou, following the WAEMU regional forum on IWRM.