IDMP Burkina Faso: guided visit to the demonstration site in KOMKI IPALA

The guided tour took place on Thursday, November 02, 2017 on the demonstration site of the “Multifunctional agro-forestry park” in Komki Ipala. The aim was to make the IDM platform core group discover the system of defense and allow the group to observe results obtained (performance, efficiency, etc.) using this system.

The group discovered and understood the relevance and effectiveness of the system and they have advocated for it in a climate change context and encourage their support for the system. The group members provided advice and encouragement to producers on the adoption of the technology and help promote it. And they have pledged to contribute to the popularization of the advocacy system as a means of restoring and sustainably exploiting ecosystems to increase the resilience of rural populations to drought.         

On the occasion the progress was given on the recognition process of the platform by the supervisory structure.

The platform group have advised the beneficiaries of demonstration projects to approach the general directorate of green economy and climate change to implement train paths in the park. Beneficiaries are also encouraged to take steps to obtain a land title document that will facilitate the accompaniment of donors and to create a water point for plant maintenance.