IDMP follow up mission in Burkina Faso

The IDMP project manager together with CWP Burkina and some GWP WA staff have visited the pilot project site wher innovating practices of resilience to drought are promoted in Komki Ipala. The visitors were much satisfied with results achieved by the pilot project which initiated various techniques of restoration of degraded lands to produce grass for animal feeding through natural assisted regeneration. These technics are mastered by the populations involved in the project. To show their mastery they are testing a long time abandoned land to grow some crops.

haricotComposting has been practiced with the remaining of the grass to fertilize the land. Eucalyptus plants were bought by the beneficiaries to build a fence. This is beneficial not only for the soil but can also be sold giving more revenues to the people.

epineuseThe forest zaï technique has helped to get good results with the Lions Club and beneficiaries themselves planting other varieties of trees (mango, guava, lemon, cinnamon and others).

Plaque Plaque