In Guinea, the CWP promotes IWRM

CWP Guinea organized a conference on IWRM on February 4, 2019 at Mahatma Gandhi University to raise awareness among students on this approach to manage sustainably water resources.

This allowed the chair of the Scientific and Technical Committee (CST), Mr. Kawé Gbonimy, to provide clarifications on the missions of the CWP, the challenges of water management and the ongoing projects in the water sector in Guinea.

Following this conference, the Executive Secretary and the Chair of the CST of the CWP Guinea were received in the programme consumers’ space (Espace des consommateurs) on the Radio of the Parliament, on 14 February 2019. The opportunity was taken to explain to the listeners the new dynamics underway at the level of the CWP to play an important role in facilitating debates and actions for the sustainable management of water resources and the achievement of water security in the country.