Increased capacity to cope with flood risks in all the countries of the Volta Basin thanks to the VFDM Project

Regional workshop to share the results and experiences of the SAP VOLTALARM pilot tests between players and stakeholders from the six countries, on 22 and 23 June 2024 in Accra.

As part of the implementation of the VFDM project activities, pilot tests were carried out at ten (10) pilot sites in the six (06) countries of the Volta Basin to build the capacity of national and regional agencies in the dissemination of early warning services, including the identification of warning communication channels, setting up warning communication channels via social media, simulation exercises for response actions, pre- and post-monsoon forums, media training, feedback session on the VOLTALARM early warning system to understand its applicability and effectiveness. etc.

The regional workshop for sharing experiences on the pilot tests organised in Accra, Ghana, on 22 and 23 June 2024 was an opportunity to exchange ideas in order to improve existing approaches and coordination mechanisms between the various stakeholders, and to collect best practices and lessons learned for future improvements.

The results of the pilot tests, the challenges, the lessons learned and the possibilities for improvement, etc. were presented to all the stakeholders in the Volta basin. This workshop provided an opportunity to improve and strengthen the practical experience of hydrometeorological services, agricultural technicians and civil protection agencies needed to effectively carry out community rescue actions as part of their agricultural, livestock and agroforestry activities. It also provided an opportunity to exploit the various products and other functions, experience and support already available on the myDewetra-VOLTALARM EWS operational platform.

The simulation exercises provided an opportunity for different types of institutions and stakeholders to collaborate and work together for early warning and coordinated response to hydrometeorological events, ensuring a reduction in the loss of lives, livelihoods, property and infrastructure, and environmental damage.

The regional workshop in Accra, Ghana, enabled participants to share their experiences of implementing VOLTALARM EWS pilot tests at local and national levels in the Volta Basin. Good practices, lessons learned, coordination mechanisms and opportunities for improvement in early warning and early action were discussed and documented. Gaps identified and challenges encountered in the implementation of pilot testing activities were shared with proposals for possible solutions.

"This project has given us a clear vision of what to do in the event of flooding. Now, as the local authority directly concerned, I am well equipped to act for the well-being of the population", said Mr NDRI Kouadio Clément, the Sub-Prefect of Tagadi, in the Bondougou department of Côte d'Ivoire.

To ensure the sustainability of actions in the field, a municipal by-law has been issued to secure the equipment installed for the smooth running of SAP VOLTALARM, according to the mayor of Assoli 1, Mr ABOU-BAKARI N. Salissou. Salissou.

Country participants at the Accra regional workshop worked on the main results of the VFDM project's implementation at national level, to identify the major results that could be capitalised on to share experience at a broad level.  Working group exercises enabled participants to deepen their thinking and lay the foundations for a capiltalisation process to be undertaken by the project's regional implementation partners at a later stage.