Launch of phase 3 of the Ton Futur Ton Climat project in the commune of Tanguieta in northern Benin: a winning bet for CWP-Benin and its partners

A few weeks after the closing workshop for phase 2 of the TONFUTURTONCLIMAT project in Tanguiéta, the Kaba Hotel in Natitingou hosted the launch workshop for the "Strengthening Climate Resilience and Water Security for Young People and Women for Sustainable Management of the Tchoutchoubou River in the Pendjari sub-basin of Benin" project on Tuesday 30 May 2023.

This project is a continuation of the one that ended a few months ago, the results and achievements of which are much appreciated in the commune of Tanguiéta. The launch ceremony for what is considered to be phase 3 of TonFuturTonClimat in Benin was attended by various stakeholders and officials from the commune concerned and the Atacora department.

The project aims to increase resilience and contribute to water security by involving young people and women in the sustainable management of the Tchoutchoubou river in the Tanguieta commune. It builds on the results of phase 2, which had a positive impact on the people of Tanguieta. In response to the wishes of the commune's stakeholders, the Benin Country Water Partnership, the Global Water Partnership West Africa (GWP-WA) and the International Secretariat for Water (ISW) have turned this into reality, with financial support from the Government of Quebec to the tune of 135,850 Canadian dollars (around sixty million CFA francs) for a 12-month implementation period.

Taking the example of the young people of the BIO OR DUR cooperative, the Executive Secretary of the CWP-Benin, Mr André ZOGO, praised the commitment and mobilisation of the young people and women of the commune for the preservation of the river and the development of the resource through their market gardening activities. It is to consolidate this commitment and mobilisation for the protection of the river that the launch of the third phase of TFTC comes as a breath of fresh air for all stakeholders in the Tanguiéta commune, said the Executive Secretary of CWP, who called on all actors and officials at various levels who can contribute to achieving the expected results to extend the good achievements to the entire population.

Taking the floor, the departmental director of mines and water expressed his gratitude to the National Water Partnership for everything it is doing in the Atacora department. Victor Yoxi also promised to spare no effort to ensure the success of this phase. He intends to be on the ground and give his all for the common cause.  He thanked the technical and financial partners and winked at them so that other projects of this kind would strengthen the Atacora department.  

Mr Serge SIMBA KASSA, first deputy representing the Mayor of Tanguiéta, thanked all the partners who support the commune. He expressed the satisfaction of the people of Tanguiéta, who welcome this new project with satisfaction and enthusiasm. This initiative will make it possible to consolidate the achievements of TFTC2 and to continue the activities in support of local IWRM in the commune," continued the mayor's representative, who declared that the commune council would get involved to ensure the success of this project.

TFTC, since its launch in its first phase, is the work of the International Secretariat for Water (SIE) with GWP-WA, hence the presence of Ms Laurie FOURNEAUX of the SIE, who expressed her delight at the enthusiasm of the various stakeholders around this project. She added that the ISW has been working for over thirty years to put forward collective and systematic responses to the challenges of water, and to demonstrate that civil society, women and young people must be at the heart of the development and implementation of these solutions. She saluted the leadership of CWP-BENIN and its excellent work on water and climate issues in Benin. Ms FOURNEAUX urged everyone to continue their work.

The participants in the launch workshop appealed to the basin's partners, the Volta Basin Authority (VBA) and GWP-WA, to extend the action to the entire national section of the Pendjari basin.