Mali validates a water information system

The Joint Support Programme for Integrated Water Resources Management (PCA-Gire), financed by the Netherlands and Sweden in Mali is supporting the development of a water information system in Mali. The Ministry of Water and Energy, through the National Directorate of Hydraulics (DNH), organized, on Wednesday, March 21, 2018, a validation workshop of the National Water Information System (Sineau). The workshop aims to identify and correct weaknesses and malfunctions affecting the system in order to make it operational and more efficient.

Mali has abundant water resources (surface water estimated at 60.5 billion m3 and groundwater at 2,700 billion m3) that exceed needs.  The exploitation of these resources is still not accompanied by an operational monitoring and evaluation strategy that allows for proper planning of development actions in the sector.

This context has been characterized by the absence, on the one hand, of formal mechanisms for monitoring water withdrawals to cover the annual water needs of the various uses. On the other hand, appropriate research frameworks aimed at studying and predicting the impacts of the various modes of water resource use on their qualitative and quantitative evolution and analysing the related risks with a view to ensuring efficient and sustainable management of the resource is needed.

This action will revamp the SINEAU, which had not been operational since its creation in 2015.  It is managed by the national hydraulic department and fed by the focal points, users of the Sineau at the level of the partner structures. 

Ms Cissé Youma Coulibaly, coordinator of the PCA-Gire, stressed the importance of the Sineau.  Since 2015 the Sineau has been initiated with funding from the African Water Facility but it is not functional.  The IT consultant, Arouna Traoré, says that: " Sineau is an application that brings together all information on water resources at the national level.  Many people need information about water but do not know where to get it, hence the Sineau. “