Nigeria, CWP to follow up and promote WEFE

GWP Nigeria held a meeting between the Country Nexus team and the ECOWAS Department for Agriculture, Water and Environment on the 11/9/2017 with the WEFE regional coordinator, Dr. Fabien Hountondji in attendance. The meeting was attended with Dr. Johnson Boanuh - Director, Environment representing the Commissioner who was unavailable.

The Country WEFE team and the Regional Coordinator briefed the meeting and at the same time sensitized, and familiarized the ECOWAS team to the WEFE Nexus project at both global and national level and subsequently seek ECOWAS endorsement on the programme.


Responding, Dr. Johnson who applauded the initiative welcomed the visiting team and noted that ECOWAS is interested in sustainable water resource development in the region and acknowledged that he and his team clearly understands the objective of the project and assured that ECOWAS will liase closely with the country team.

With the interest of the visiting WEFE Nexus Team to get endorsement of Ecowas on the project, Dr  Jonhson requested for a comprehensive document on the programme to allow ECOWAS have a wider and more clearer understanding on the entire initiative. Document since forwarded as requested.

PSIn the same vein, the Country team led by the WEFE -NFP, Mrs Zainab Towobola paid a visit on the newly posted Permanent Secretary, Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development where the PS was fully briefed on the project. In response, the PS welcomed the initiative as it aligned with one of the country's priority programme and promised that the Ministry will synergize with the team during the project implementation.

The month of September also witnessed the consultation / engagement workshop on the WEFE Nexus project with key institution to get relevant organization aligning the initiative with their country priority programmes.