Presentation of the pilot projects of Mekrou pilot actions

The priority actions are located at the level of the fundamental orientation n° 3 which aims at "Strengthening the resilience of the populations of the transboundary sub-basin of the Mekrou and its zone of influence in a sustainable way, by ensuring comfortably the coverage of their basic needs (water, sanitation, food security) by 2030".

This is broken down into several programmes, including

  • The one that aims at improving the availability and productivity of agricultural Pilotwater as well as the yields of agricultural and animal productions in the sub-basin. Priority action: Rehabilitation and integrated management of the Boumba market garden area (Falmey).
  •  The one aiming at accelerating the "Facilitation of universal access to drinking water and sanitation services for the populations" with several:

Priority actions:

  • Strengthening and integrated development of the multi-village mini WTP of Bélandé (Falmey)
  • Integrated development of the Tondifou and Sounga Béri ponds (Kirtachi)
  • Transformation of the Modern Water Stations (MWS) of the market into mini-WTP to supply drinking water to the population of the village of Guiémé (Kirtachi)
  • Transformation of Human Powered Pumps (HPP) into WSP in Allambaré and Séno Konkédjé (Tamou)
  • Integrated management and fish stocking of ponds (Kotaki, Bossongri) – Tamou