Mekrou Project phase 2 Niger a clarification meeting on the methodological note to finalize the Mekrou sub-basin Scheme in Niger

GWP-WA regional coordinator had on 29 and 30 June 2021 in Niamey, a meeting to provide clarification on the methodological note for carrying out the study on the ''Finalization and operationalization of the Water Development and Management Scheme (SAGE) of the sub-basin of the Mekrou in Niger and definition of pilot initiatives for implementation''.

The main objective of the meeting was to better clarify the methods, data and information needed, and the tools for collecting said data and information in order to produce each of the expected deliverables from the mission, in accordance with the comments and recommendations made by the participants during the workshop to launch the study mission. Because of critical delay already noted under the mission, the meeting aimed at finding a way out by the Parties to reduce the delay in relation to the agreed timetable.

GWP-WA Coordinator, M. Armand HOUANYE reassured the Consultant that the expected deliverables should result from a consolidation of the results of the Mekrou Phase 1 Project with the collection, processing and analysis of new data and information deemed relevant.  

In this regard, the Parties agreed to ensure the choice of SAGE operationalization initiatives (3 integrated initiatives for the development and protection of natural resources in the Niger portions of the Mekrou sub-basin) for which the preparation of the Preliminary Summary Project and Detailed Preliminary Project will not require the mobilization of other expertise.

It was also agreed that the Consultant should work to produce and submit draft deliverables by the end of August 2021 to enable the PMU, SP/PANGIRE and other key stakeholders to launch the tender for the procurement of the selected equipment in September 2021.