Remobilization visits of CWP Côte d'Ivoire partners

The new chair of CWP Ivory Coast, Dr. KOFFI Ehui Bruno is paying courtesy visits to all CWP partner organizations to introduce the new CWP management team, the new vision assigned to the promotion of IWRM at the national level, the formalization of the membership of certain structures, request for new partnerships.

The chair met with the new General Directorate of Water Resources of the Ministry of Water and Forests; the Union of Agricultural and Forestry Enterprises of Côte d'Ivoire, the Dutch Embassy in Côte d'Ivoire.

At the General Directorate of Water Resources of the Ministry of Water and Forests the two parties exchanged on the formalization of the adhesion of the Ministry of Water and Forests; the desire to have a strong partnership between the two entities and the need for action. The Director General of Water Resources, Mr. EHOUSSOU Niamzou Baptiste expressed his satisfaction at the idea of collaborating with the CWP. He affirmed that he was taking the necessary steps to ensure that MINEF joined the national network of the Global Water Partnership and to contribute to its functioning by paying the contributions of the Ministry in charge of Water and Forests.

At the Union of Agricultural and Forestry Enterprises of Côte d'Ivoire (UNEMAF) discussions focused on several initiatives, including Rainwater management in the framework of optimal and economic management of water resources, raising awareness of agro-industrial organizations about organic farming, raising farmers' awareness of water control. The need to conduct a study on the influence of agricultural pollution on water resources by pesticides and phytosanitary products in Côte d'Ivoire was also discussed. The President of UNEMAF Mr. YORO Bi expressed his satisfaction at the opportunity of such a visit, which opens up prospects for synergy between both institutions.

At the Dutch embassy, the Ambassador HE Robert Van Den Dool, indicated that the current development cooperation policy between the Netherlands and Côte d'Ivoire is essentially based on economic exchanges, i.e. the promotion of economic growth, with the private sector as the driving force behind this development; not focusing water-related programmes. However, he indicated that the Netherlands has a strong interest in water issues and this is reflected in its support for programmes in some countries. He also informed that partners exist in the Netherlands that can be linked to the CWP. He therefore invited the PNECI to raise the need for support through the Ivorian public authorities. He indicated that the doors of the Embassy remain open for possible concerns.