REWarD Project, workshop to better understand UNEP-DHI technical assistance

As part of the implementation of the REWarD-Volta Project, GWP-WA has signed a contract with UNEP-DHI to work as a sub-consultant to provide technical support to the VBA to deliver a number of results of the REWarD project, including annual Surface Water Resource Models and Decision Support Tools, Community Oriented Early Warning System(s) for Droughts and capacitate the Volta Basin Observatory to manage and use the updated water use/balance models and the DSS

Execution of the technical support work by UNEP-DHI to deliver these outcomes started in December 2023 and will continue for 3 years to 2026. Currently UNEP-DHI are conducting a 6-month Inception Phase to meet VBA and partners, understand the key requirements of the project and identify similar previous, ongoing and planned projects to explore options for synergies and avoid duplication. At the end of the Inception Phase, UNEP-DHI will make a detailed implementation plan for delivering the outcomes of the project.

A two-day technical workshop on 24 and 25 June 2024 is being held in Accra, Ghana, to present and discuss the detailed implementation plan for the technical assistance that will be provided by UNEP-DHI to achieve the results in the REWarD project implementation plan.

The workshop brings together executives from the VBA, GWP-WA and the six VBA member countries.

UNEP and IUCN together with VBA, GWP-WA and Volta River basin riparian countries developed during 2016-2021 the Project Document “Reversing Ecosystem and Water Degradation in the Volta River Basin (REWarD – Volta River Basin)”. The overall objective of the REWarD project is to reverse ecosystem and water degradation and support integrated ecosystem-based development in the Volta River Basin through strengthened transboundary governance and restoration and conservation of ecosystems for sustainable livelihoods.