Support to the implementation of the integrated action plan of Ouinhi commune

As part of the implementation of the governance component of the OmiDelta/Non-State Actors Fund program, implemented by the Consortium, CWP Benin-Social Watch Benin-ALCRER, five Communes were supported in the development of their Integrity Action Plan.

The actions selected for implementation include energizing the Drinking Water Consumers' Associations (ACEP), the organization of thematic reporting in the water and sanitation sector, the capacity building for drinking water Consumers' Associations, Citizen Participation Units (CPCs) and Communication Unit Managers, Water, Hygiene and Sanitation Managers (REHA), Heads of Monitoring, Local Development and Planning (C/SDLP), Administrative and Financial Managers (RAF) on citizen monitoring tools and anti-corruption measures. Actions include also the information and awareness of the population on the legal provisions (Law 44-2010 on water) and the development of shadow reports by ACEP and CPC.

A plan has been developed to provide technical and financial assistance to the Communes. The implementation started with the organization of the thematic reporting session on water and sanitation in the commune of Ouinhi. The session was attended by the Mayor and his communal council. The other participants came from the actors of the sector at the deconcentrated and local level, the ACEP and CPCs, as well as users and artisans working in the water sector.

Thematic public accountability hearing in the commune of Ouinhi

The objective of this exercise is to promote the practice of thematic reporting on water and sanitation in the Communes.

Through this exercise, the difficulties encountered by the populations in terms of public water and sanitation services are known to the Mayor and his council. The Mayor reports to the public on the management of the sector. Following the discussions, the Mayor makes commitments to improve the management of the sector and meet the needs of the population in terms of water and sanitation.