Supporting ECOWAS regional water observatory

GWP WA is a member of the UNEP-DHI/GWP-WA consortium in charge of the mission to support the establishment of the ECOWAS Regional Water Observatory. A workshop was held in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire on 4 & 5 September 2018 with country focal points on data collection.

The aims of the meeting were to train the focal points on the parameters and calculation of the 112 indicators at the country level and the 30 indicators at the level of basin organizations validated at the Lomé workshop in June 2018 and familiarize country focal points and basin organizations ones on the ECOWAS Regional Water Observatory web platform.

The platform called WASSMO (Water And Sanitation Sector Monitoring) was presented by UNEP-DHI as a water and sanitation monitoring system. The objective of the system is to be able to provide the value of the indicators for each country.

GWP/WA pointed out to the focal points their responsibility in the countries with their teams to provide the required support in the process of data collection and validation for registration on the ECOWAS Water Observatory computer platform. It was highlighted that national water data system managers are key actors in the process and that the responsibility of the national focal points and their team is very important for the success of the process.

The new chair and the Executive Secretary of CWP Côte d’Ivoire fully participated in the workshop, the latter taking an active part in the reporting team

GWP WA also ensured the logistical, administrative and financial supervision of the workshop through the Finance and administrative manager.