Terrorism & its Impacts on Water Access in the Sahel, an Oped by GWP-WA RC

The Sahel region in West Africa is confronted with a rampant terrorism for a decade and continues to bereave nations and families. The inability to cope with the situation has even led to the overthrow of the governments in Mali and Burkina. These two countries are the centre of the terrorist hydra in the Sahel.

This terrorism feeds on internal inequalities and injustices, creating a kind of vicious circle that plagued states must resolve.

This situation of terror has negative impacts on the access of populations to water, a vital resource for all human life, as the terrorists set themselves up as masters whose rules, they believe, must be respected at the cost of life.

It is this difficult problem that inspired the Executive Secretary of GWP-WA, Mr. Armand HOUANYE, to write this opinion piece to set light on a difficult situation experienced by populations and States and to encourage awareness.

His article was published by one of South Africa's leading newspapers, the South Africa’s Mail&Guardian, and picked up by several other online media outlets.

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