TFTC 2 Benin involves young schoolchildren in the restoration of degraded ecosystems in the Tchoutchoubou hydrographic unit (HU)

As part of the implementation of the TFTC 2 country project in Benin in the commune of Tanguiéta, capacity building activities were organized in February 2022 for young students and members of the Local Water Committee (CLE) on plant production.

The reinvestment of these skills by the young people allowed them to produce 1,025 Gmelina arborea plants. These plants were used to reforest from July to August, several areas including the public elementary school of Porka (Tanguiéta) and a public space near the residence of the Mayor of Tanguiéta on the one hand, and to replace the plants that did not survive at the level of the banks of the Tchnoutchoubou River.  This involvement of students shows a youthful awareness and commitment to the restoration of degraded ecosystems in the Tchoutchoubou HU.

In total:

- 250 plants of Gmelina arborea were put at the disposal of the Tanguiéta town hall by the youth for the reforestation of a public space of 0, 75 ha located at the level of the residence of the mayor of Tanguiéta.

- 200 seedlings were made available to the reforestation committee to replace the seedlings not survived by the destruction of animals.

- Reforestation of the public elementary school of Porka (Tanguiéta commune) by the 10 schoolchildren/students who benefited from the training session on the production of seedlings.

Thus, the Mayor of the commune of Tanguiéta, testifies that: "Young people are the leaders in the fight against climate change today, and it is time for us to join them to correct the situation of degradation of deforested areas, act urgently and reverse the trend of degradation of natural resources ».