TFTC 2 Benin, youth organized for waste management after a training on associative and cooperative life

The implementation of the TonFuturTonClimat funded by the Quebec Government, GWP, the Swiss cooperation and Agence de l’Eau Artois Picardie is impacting the social organization of youth in the municipality of Tanguieta, Northern Benin.

After a training in December 2022 on how to set up and manage an association to meet a common goal, the young people organised on 28 January 2023 the constitutive general assembly of "the Bio Or Dur cooperative" (Cooperative of the Bio waste) in the commune of Tanguiéta. They have engaged themselves in the process of structuring a cooperative and developing the "organic fertilizer" sector in the said commune.

The training workshop took place from December 20 to 22, 2022 in Natitingou and brought together about fifteen participants representing the communal hygiene and sanitation association (ACHA), the TFTC 2 Young beneficiaries, the local water partnership Atacora-Donga, the CWP-Benin.

The training was conducted through a participatory approach that enhances the prior knowledge of participants through: brainstorming sequences, power point presentations of the different modules alternated by questions - answers, experience sharing and testimonies, group work and plenary sessions that allowed participants to understand the different concepts developed during the training.

It was also an opportunity to study the draft fundamental texts of the cooperative that the young people want to put in place as part of their activities of production and marketing of organic fertilizers in the town of Tanguiéta.

This training session came to fill a gap at the level of these young people who were preparing for a structuring of their group but did not know where to start. From now on, these young people are well prepared to set up their association/cooperative.