Togo beneficiaries train to improve income generation

A capacity building activity on the good practices and improved techniques of goat and pig rearing on 19 and 20 December 2019 in Danyi-Apéyémé.

About 35 participants including breeders, from beneficiary associations, the women’s group of sensitizers and the community took part in the training done as part of the project TonFuturTonClimat (Your Future Your Climate) funded by the Quebec Government and implemented by GWP West Africa, ISW, with the CWPs of Burkina and Benin and Eau Vive Togo.

The activity aimed at strengthening the skills of young farmers in improved livestock husbandry techniques. Specifically, it included: (i) training young farmers on the management of goat and pig sheepfolds; (ii) provide tools to young farmers on the health rules for raising goats and pigs, particularly improved broodstock; (iii) reinforce the practical concepts and fundamentals of goat and pig breeding.

The training was conducted by an animal production Engineer and focused on several aspects of goat or pig farming, including feeding, reproduction, health and housing. Practical aspects were dealt with highlighting with some simple good practices.