Togo validates its strategy and implementation plan for the Water Convention

Togo became a Party to the Water Convention in December 2021 and has drawn up a strategy and an implementation plan for 2022 in collaboration with the relevant stakeholders.

The Secretariat of the UNECE Water Convention has supported Togo in the development process as part of the European Union project "Promoting accession to the Water Convention", which aims to support accession to and implementation of the Water Convention, thereby strengthening transboundary cooperation on water and the sustainable and peaceful management of shared water resources.

The developed plan contains the activities to be carried out in order to implement the Convention, and has 4 main strands: i) promoting knowledge of the Water Convention, and in particular of the obligations of the Water Convention, at national level; ii) strengthening the framework for integrated management of water resources; iii) promoting frameworks for consultation and exchange with neighbouring states on shared water resources; iv) promoting water resource development that is compatible with climate change in order to strengthen the resilience of vulnerable populations and areas.

A national workshop brought together the various stakeholders on 5, 6 and 7 June 2023 in Lomé to validate the strategy and its implementation plan and explore the technical and financial support to be mobilised for the implementation of the proposed activities.

The workshop is being organised by Togo's Ministry of Water and Village Hydraulics with technical and financial support from the Secretariat of the Water Convention and the ECOWAS Commission.

Global Water Partnership West Africa (GWP-WA) took part in the event and was represented by its Executive Secretary, Mr Kocou Armand Houanye.