Towards the establishment of VBA focal structures

The meeting was chaired by Mr. SEIDOU ADAMBI Samou, Minister of Water and Mines of Benin, chair of the VBA Council of Ministers.

The workshop was also attended by representatives of the World Bank, IUCN, ABN, ECOWAS/WRCC, FAO, Green Cross, ALG, national focal points of VBA member states, representatives of VBA member states from ministries in charge of Water and Economy and Finance as well as executives from the Executive Directorate of the VBA.

Several recommendations emerged from the work, in particular those made by GWP/WA to clarify in the report the bases for calculating the NFS implementation budget; to foresee prospects for financial autonomy of the NFS by moving towards an investment budget because it would be difficult to continuously finance their operation; and to make a comparative analysis of the existing NFS and use this analysis as a basis for proposing other model types, specifying the advantages and disadvantages of each model.