World Water Day celebrations in West Africa

The development community celebrated on 22 March 2018 the World Water Day on the theme “nature-based solutions”. Established in December 1992 by the United Nations, World Water Day celebration aims to raise public awareness on the management and conservation of water resources.
/ West Africa

Activities postponed

In Guinea, some activities were planned by the CWP, but political instability did not allow to carry them out.
/ West Africa

Togo, AJVSME addresses school children

Celebrating of the World Water Day and of the cultural week of schools, the Togolese NGO Association of Young Volunteers in the Service of the Environmental World (AJVSME) gave a communication to the students of the school LES EMERGENTS on the topic: "the students and their environment".
/ West Africa

Mali celebrates in an alarming context

The official ceremony was chaired by Mr. Drissa Samaké, technical advisor to the Ministry of Energy and Water. This year, Mali is celebrating the event in a particularly alarming context. According to the Deputy Director General of Hydraulics, Mr. Djorou Bocoum, water stress has never been so present in Mali since 1984. Rivers usually withdraw in January, but this year, he explains, they began to withdraw in September.
/ West Africa

Côte d’Ivoire, debating on the theme

The Country Water Partnership of Ivory Coast (PNECI) organized a meeting to celebrate the World Water Day in the country on the Day’s topic on "nature based- solutions". The event was attended by representatives of partner ministries, state structures, the private sector and Ivorian civil society organizations.
/ West Africa

Benin, CWP celebrates WWD

The 26th edition of the WWD was celebrated in various but very simple ways by CWP-Benin. On March 22, the CWP took over many media outlets to communicate on the topic of the Day and bring awareness, a support to the National Water Institute (INE), then the preparation of a contest related to the theme of WWD.