High level study tour of the Ministry of Hydraulics and Sanitation of Niger to Burkina Faso to learn from its IWRM experiences

A delegation from the Ministry of Water and Sanitation (MH/A) of Niger went on a study tour to Burkina Faso from 19 to 23 December 2022. The delegation led by the Secretary General of the MH/A, Mr. Maman Moussa included the Director of Legislation of the MH/A, Mrs. Ibrahima Naleyni Nana Mariama and the Permanent Secretary of the National Action Plan for Integrated Water Resources Management (PANGIRE) of Niger, Dr. Sandao Issoufou.

This study tour to Burkina on the theme "integrated management of rainwater for different uses" is part of the capacity building component of the MH/A. It was organised with the support of the Mekrou Phase 2 Niger Project funded by the European Union.

For five days, the missionaries met, exchanged and collected documentation, the analysis of which should enable them "to have a roadmap to advance the IWRM process in Niger", said the Permanent Secretary of PANGIRE, Dr Sandao Issoufou.

"Everything went really well and it is with satisfaction that we return to Niger," said the Secretary General of the Niger MH/A, Mr. Maman Moussa.

The objective of the mission was to learn from the experience of a third country in implementing IWRM and having almost similar water and economic conditions to Niger.

The activity was organised by the Global Water Partnership in West Africa (GWP-WA), in collaboration with institutions in Burkina Faso involved in the implementation of integrated water resources management (IWRM) programmes. Thus, the delegation was received by the Permanent Secretary of IWRM (SP/IWRM) of Burkina Faso, Mr. Moustapha CONGO who expressed his joy and his availability as well as that of his team to make the necessary contacts in order to make the sharing effective.

During the week, presentations followed by exchanges allowed each party to share their experiences and to collect important documentation on each of the points raised and debated. The missionaries took the opportunity to pay courtesy visits to the SP/IWRM supervisory authorities and to partners.