Water agencies for better local management

Burkina Faso shares three river basins with other countries in the sub-region. These are the Niger River Basin, whose Basin Authority includes 9 States, the Volta River Basin, whose Basin Authority includes 6 States, and the Comoé River Basin, shared by 4 States.

The orientation law relating to water resources management (2001) divides the country into 4 river basins managed by 5 Water Agencies, namely the Cascades, Gourma, Liptako, Mouhoun and Nakambé. These agencies contribute to the implementation of the NP/IWRM in their respective areas.

The Water Agency is a Public Interest Grouping (GIP), classified in the category of State Public Enterprises (EPE). It is agreed between the State, local authorities and users and has jurisdiction over a defined management area which may be the whole of a catchment area or a portion of a catchment area.

 The mission of the Water Agencies is:

  1. To engage water stakeholders in IWRM.
  2. To translate the orientations of the National Water Policy.
  3. To promote rational use of water resources, pollution control and protection of aquatic environments.
  4. To collect taxes according to the "polluter-pays" or "levy-pays" principle.
  5. To provide various types of financial assistance for actions of common interest carried out by local authorities, socio-professional organisations and users.
  6. To provide technical assistance for studies, works, monitoring - evaluation, execution and all other actions undertaken in order to fight against the waste and pollution of water, according to the principle "he who protects better is helped".
  7. To prepare, in application of the Water Development and Management Master Plans (SDAGE) and Water Development and Management Plans (SAGE), Multiannual Investment Plans (PPI).
  8. To contribute to the prevention and control of floods and other water-related natural disasters.
  9. To collect, develop and disseminate knowledge on water resources and improve their management.
  10. To develop partnerships with any organisation working in its field of competence.

According to Mrs. Nadine NARE/OURCECE, "the Water Agency has a great ambition and wants to revolutionise the governance of water resources.  This ambition is commensurate with the problems of water resources in Burkina. The management of these water resources, in a context of climate change and anthropic pressures, requires the involvement of all the stakeholders in its area. The support of technical and financial partners is essential for the achievement of [the] objectives. Hence the importance of developing partnerships”.