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Key Tunisian stakeholders trained in water security and climate resilience

WACDEP Tunisia held their first national training workshop from June 2nd to 5th, 2014 in Bizerta, north of Tunisia. The workshop was well attended by 16 participants, drawing from the key institutions involved in water security and climate resilience in Tunisia.

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NAP Workshop in Malawi

A three-day National Adaptation Plan (NAP) training workshop was held from the 3rd to 5th of September in Salima, Malawi as an effort to help the Government of Malawi identify the next steps in establishing a NAP process. The workshop was highly interactive drawing upon a broad range of climate sensitive sectors and stakeholders, and was successful in reaching its overall objectives of building an understanding of the NAP process and to draft a roadmap for country level advancement.

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GWP Cameroon Tackles Economics of Climate Change Adaptation

GWP Cameroon held a training workshop in Kribi on 29 July to 2 August. The aim was to provide participants with the skills and knowledge to develop a balanced portfolio of investment options that enhance water security for climate resilient growth and development.

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Africa and Caribbean South-South Learning Exchange

A South-South Learning Exchange took place in the Asa Wright Nature Centre, Trinidad on 26th June 2014. A first of its kind south-south knowledge exchange between Africa and the Caribbean on water security and climate resilient development was held as a side event during the 2014 Global Water Partnership (GWP) Network and Consulting Partners Meeting, sought to enable lessons and experience sharing across the regions based on initiatives planned and realized under GWP’s global Water, Climate and Development (WACDEP) programme.

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Africa: At the Crucial Nexus of Water and Energy

Global institutions are still in the learning phase when it comes to successfully managing water and energy in an integrated manner as part of the quest for sustainable development. According to World Bank official Daryl Fields, understanding the water-energy nexus is critical for addressing growth and human development, urbanisation and climate change, but many policy-makers are finding it challenging to transform this concept into a reality. Fields, who is also a Technical Committee member of the Global Water Partnership, was speaking at a recent meeting of the GWP Consulting Partners, held in Trinidad for the first time.

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PRESS RELEASE: African Government Representatives exchange on long-term plans for Climate Change Adaptation

14 April 2014, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: Climate change adaptation is the focus of high-level regional training and knowledge exchange in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia this month. African government ministerial representatives from more than 30 least developed African countries are meeting to consider National Adaptation Plan (NAP)require-ments, which aim to address the long–term climate change challenges for Africa.

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GWP supports NAP process in Malawi

Malawi is launching its NAP Process by holding the first ever NAP stakeholder consultations to be supported by the Global Water Partnership in association with the NAP-GSP.