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WACDEP Partners Share Experiences in Workshop

The 5th WACDEP Technical Coordination Workshop took place in Kigali, Rwanda, 23-28 September. The main purpose was to share experiences and discuss the coordination of implementing WACDEP in the participating GWP regions and countries. WACDEP is a joint AMCOW-GWP programme on water, climate, and development.

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WACDEP Coordination Workshop Concluded in Rwanda.

The Water, Climate Development (WACDEP) Coordination Workshop that was taking place in Kigali, Rwanda from (23-28 September) concluded with a call to fast-track the implementation of the program and linking it with GWP strategy. 

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WACDEP Zimbabwe Empowers Water Resources Management Grassroots Stakeholders to contribute into the NCCRS review process

“Water is life, but water can also be a threat to life”. This was said by the Permanent Secretary in the former Ministry of Water Resources Development and Management (MWRDM) in a keynote speech read on his behalf at a Catchment and Sub-catchment consultation and action planning workshop. He further highlighted that water resources in Zimbabwe need to be treated with extreme care due to increased scarcity being brought about by the adverse effects of climate change.

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AMCOW Training Looks at German Climate Adaptation Strategy

A joint GIZ, African Union Commission (AUC) and GWP study tour covered the topic of “Water Security and Climate Resilient Development in the German Water Sector” in Berlin in June. The participants were from the African Ministers’ Council on Water (AMCOW) Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), and the training provided a closer look at effective climate adaptation measures in the German water sector.

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Ghana: Water, Climate and Development Project validated and launched

The national meeting to validate and launch the Water, Climate and Development Programme (WACDEP) in Ghana for ‘no/low’ regrets investments to increase access to water and sustainable development was held on 11th July, 2013 at Erata Hotel in Accra. The meeting was organised by the Ghana Country Water Partnership (G-CWP) in collaboration with the National Level Learning Alliance Platform (NLLAP) of the Resource Centre Network under the Ministry of Water Resources, Works and Housing.

Burkina: WACDEP strenthens ties with partners

The Chairman of the Country Water Partnership of Burkina Faso (BF CWP), Mr. Dieudonne NIKIEMA signed Tuesday, June 25, 2013 a Memoradum of Understanding with the Permanent Secretary of the Action Plan for Integrated Water Resources Management ( SP / IWRM), Dr. Fulgence KI.

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Rwanda: Water Body Calls for More Collaboration

Global Water Partnership Eastern Africa (GWPEA) has called on Rwanda and Burundi to collaborate in various ways for effective implementation of the Water, Climate and Development Programme (WACDEP).

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Water: the Connecting Link to Climate Change Adaptation

“An integrated approach to managing and developing the world’s water resources is vital for not only driving world economies, ensuring human well-being and security from hunger, but can also serve as an essential building block for enhancing coherence on adaptation,” said Dr. Ursula Schaefer-Preuss, Chair of GWP at a side event at the Bonn climate change negotiations. “Water is the connecting link because climate impacts are largely felt through the medium of water,” she said.

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Implementing WACDEP: MoU signed with VBA

The MoU signed on April 9, 2013 in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso aims at "formalizing the commitment of both parties to agree on how to use funds made available to the VBA for the implementation of WACDEP activities."