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/ Perspectives papers / English

The Links Between Land Use and Groundwater

A common understanding between the interlinkages of groundwater and land is needed to facilitate cross-sectoral dialogue on governance needs and management approaches, in order to sustain water resources and enhance land productivity. This is a Perspectives Paper, meant to incite a discussion on important issues related to water and development.
/ Reports/proceedings / Spanish

Patrones de sequía en Centroamérica

Un estudio sobre la caracterización de las sequías en el corredor seco centroamericano y su impacto sobre la producción de maíz y frijol.
/ Case studies / English

Tanzania: Adapting to climate change through land and water management in Eastern Africa: Kiroka Village, Morogoro, Tanzania (#452)

Tanzania is facing increasing pressures on its water resources due to a growing agricultural sector and the effects of climate change. In order to ensure environmental and economic sustainability in the face of water scarcity the local communities of Kiroka village, Morogoro, conceived a project to build capacity for climate adaptation through sustainable land and water management. The participatory approach coupled with capacity building and holistic problem solving that also addresses livelihood issues has proven to be an effective method of implementing an IWRM plan that is sustainable and can be readily subscribed to.

/ Other / English

“Water Scarcity, Security and Democracy: A Mediterranean Mosaic”

A new and much awaited book by the Cornell University, the Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future and the Global Water Partnership-Mediterranean was published in September 2014. As its title indicates, the book is a mosaic on its own - of stories, insights, questions and answers about water in the Mediterranean.

/ Case studies / English

Kenya: Shared risk and opportunity in water resources: Seeking a sustainable future for Lake Naivasha (#446)

Lake Naivasha is an internationally renowned Ramsar site located in the Rift Valley in Kenya. But unlike most other designated wetlands of international importance, the water in Lake Naivasha also anchors a flourishing horticultural industry. The Lake Naivasha Riparian Association (LNRA) was established in 1929 to protect local land owner’s rights. and the LNRA became more strident in trying to balance the impact of the expanding commercial interests surrounding the lake with protecting its environmental integrity.

/ Case studies / English

Argentina: Rural planning and sustainable water resources use in Pillahuinco basin (#443)

The Pillahuinco basin is located in one of the most productive regions of Argentina. It is within the roads that connect the southernmost parts of the country with the capital and the far north, as well as the Andean provinces of the west with the ports of the Atlantic coast, intersect there. The basin covers a region with a distinct topography, presenting a highland area with elevations between 250 and 650 meters. With a plain that can reach about 125 meters where agricultural activities predominate. The agriculture activities have resulted to environmental problems calling for an approach that can provide solutions to support sustainable development of the basin.