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India: Women’s Empowerment and Increased Food Security - an Experience from Jharkhand (#485)

Jharkhand is a new state, established in 2000, to support the rights of indigenous people to have a separate state for themselves. Jharkhand is home to many of the country’s poorest people, despite the city being located in one of the richest areas of India in terms of minerals and natural resources. Agriculture, as the sole economic activity in the area, has not been properly developed (e.g. water facilities are poor and access to upgraded and modern agriculture-based knowledge is limited) and the land is prone to severe droughts, marked only by erratic rainfalls. Therefore, starvation and malnutrition of its citizens is widespread.

/ Briefing notes / Spanish

Parcelas familiares con huertos biointensivos

Habitantes de la aldea La Ciénaga aprendieron sobre huertos biointensivos, que conservan el agua y el suelo, a través de la Escuela de Campo, mejorando su seguridad alimentaria y el ingreso familiar.
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This page contains reports produced under WACREP by GWP SAS Regional Office and its Country Officers.
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Lao PDR: Unsung progress in rural sanitation: Building the foundations (#465)

Lao People’s Democratic Republic (PDR) faces considerable challenges in the delivery of sustainable and equitable access to sanitation in rural areas. Small steps have been taken towards increasing national ownership of and political commitment to sanitation in Lao PDR. As a lesson learnt; there is no one blueprint for progress in sanitation delivery. Services can be delivered in different ways– e.g. household investment or direct programmatic efforts.

/ Perspectives papers / English

Coordinating Land and Water Governance

New geopolitics of land and water call for a more strategic, governance-level response in which land and water are reconnected, and the political dimension of how they are allocated and used are fully recognised. This is a Perspectives Paper, meant to incite a discussion on important issues related to water and development.