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Transboundary: Five countries, one biosphere; managing the floodplain (# 442)

The European rivers Mura, Drava and Danube form a 700 km long “green belt” connecting more than 800,000 ha of highly valuable natural and cultural landscapes in five countries (Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary and Serbia). This area is a symbol of unity among the countries and is planned to become a protected Transboundary UNESCO Biosphere Reserve “Mura-Drava-Danube” (TBR MDD).

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International Law - Facilitating Transboundary Water Cooperation

The paper explores how international law facilitates transboundary cooperation in a manner that is accessible to the wider transboundary water community. It discusses the norms and principles contained in treaties and rules of customary law and examines how these work in selected case studies from across the GWP network. This is a Technical Background Paper, written by the GWP Technical Committee, a group of internationally recognised professionals in integrated water resources management.
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International Law: Facilitating Transboundary Water Cooperation

This policy brief explains the importance of cooperation between states in order to resolve water problems and share limited resources. It describes where the critical challenges lie and which international laws and instruments are available to solve conflicts between States that have competing claims. Policy briefs provide policy makers with information on water resources management. They are written by the GWP Technical Committee, a group of internationally recognised professionals in integrated water resources management.
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Mеждународное право – основа для трансграничного сотрудничества по водным ресурсам

В статье, в манере доступной для широкого круга участников трансграничного водного сообщества, рассматривается, как международное право способствует трансграничному сотрудничеству. В ней обсуждаются нормы и принципы, содержащиеся в договорах, а также нормы обычного права, и рассматривается, как они работают, на примерах исследований конкретных случаев сети ГВП.
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Water and Food Security - Experiences in India and China

The challenge of accessing water and energy for food production are central to reducing poverty and hunger in Asia. This paper compares and contrasts the ways in which India and China are tackling the same challenge of harnessing water resources under growing water scarcity and competing demand. Technical Focus Papers are publications of the GWP Technical Committee that harness and share knowledge generated by GWP Partnerships.