CAMPAIGN: GWP Calling for Action on SDG 6

On 20 March 2018, during the 8th World Water Forum, GWP launched a campaign to speed up the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goal on water, SDG 6.

The World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Reports consistently place “water crises” among the topranked global risks. In the 2018 report, at least seven out of the top 10 greatest impact risks are water related.

This is an urgent and compelling case for making SDG6 a top policy priority so that the global community can solve a range of development challenges – from achieving food and energy security to alleviating poverty, creating equitable and inclusive societies, reducing disaster risk, combating climate and ecosystem destruction, and contributing to peace.

The #ActOnSDG6 campaign is a call for decision makers to ensure that water management actions are integrated across sectors, and that investments in water are both increased and sustainable. Multi-stakeholder partnerships can speed up the coordinated action that is needed.

What our Partners think

Ahead of the campaign launch, we asked GWP Partners and staff in South Africa and Botswana how they think decision-makers could act in order to make sure SDG6 is a priority: