Become a GWP Partner

Institutional Partners are the basis on which the GWP network operates. Becoming a Partner brings with it several benefits to get the most out of the GWP network.

GWP's 'theory of change' is premised on having a strong, diverse, multi-stakeholder partnership that - working together - can bring about the changes needed in water resources management. To do this, the network invites like-minded organisations to join this global movement.

Benefits of Being a GWP Partner

The Network provides a Partner with services such as:

  • Being part of a global and local level multi-stakeholder platform, with a voice and influence at national and international policy discussions;
  • A channel through which to establish contact with other Partners, including the right to participate at the annual Network Meeting;
  • Guidance on identifying critical needs for the sustainable management of water resources as well as on possible ways of meeting them;
  • An opportunity to match one Partner’s needs with another Partner’s resources;
  • An opportunity to contribute to the development of the concept of integrated water resources management;
  • Access to global information through GWP and various Partner newsletters, etc.
  • Access to training opportunities and exchange of knowledge, experience and best practices.
  • A GWP Partner may present itself as a “Partner of the Global Water Partnership.”
  • This website offers some complimentary features, such as exclusive access to find other partner organisation online, to get help from GWP entities around the world, and collaborate on IWRM issues.


  • Co-ordinate its relevant activities with those of other concerned organizations;
  • Share information and experience freely with the other Partners;
  • Give advice and professional contributions to the Network and to other Partners, on such conditions as may be agreed free of charge up to a reasonable level and at a mutually agreed charge above that level.

Who can become a Partner?

Institutional entities (not individuals) may become a Partner of the Network. These typically include States, national, regional and local Government Institutions, Intergovernmental Organizations, international and national Non-governmental Organizations, Academic Institutions and Research Institutions, Companies, service providers in the public sector, or any such entity which recognizes the principles of integrated water resources management endorsed by the Network and is committed to these principles (as outlined in the application to be a Partner). There is currently no fee to be a GWP Partner.

Apply to become a GWP Partner

Learn more about the role of a Partner in the Network

What about individuals?

The GWP Statutes specify that individuals cannot become Partners of GWP. However, individuals are important contributors to the work of the GWP.

The development of the GWP network and partnerships has been built on the efforts of both institutions and individuals. The institutional approach has a greater potential to promote action, access funding, and create ownership while individuals bring in expertise and social capital. For example, some of the successes achieved to-date in terms of influencing governments to adopt IWRM have been achieved through the work of individuals. 

GWP thus recognises the important role of individuals in the network even though individuals cannot become GWP Partners. Individuals can participate in Country Water Partnership (CWP) meetings and serve in committees instituted by the CWP or Regional Water Partnership (RWP), but cannot have a vote and do not have decision making powers. Individuals can also serve the CWP or RWP in an advisory capacity.