DGIH in Peru

Interview with Mr Francisco Gayoso from DGIH in Peru.

What is the vision and mission of your organisation?

DGIH’s vision is to count with the development and maintenance of water infrastructure in the country, in order to make Peru a leader in agricultural production in the Pacific coast of South America.

Its mission is to lead the development of water infrastructure, formulating and proposing policies, technical standards, studies and projects, as well as promoting private investment in irrigation projects for the expansion of the agricultural boundaries.

Why did you decide to become a GWP Partner?

I decided to become a member of GWP as our home institution (INADE) was a leading entity in the management of water supply and has made, through its special projects, the largest investments in water infrastructure in Peru.

Which are the benefits of being a GWP Partner?

The benefit of being a member of GWP is to contribute to the critical knowledge of water related issues, at global, regional and national levels, disseminating this knowledge and exchanging information about IWRM.

What is one challenge facing the management of water resources in your region?

The challenge for IWRM in our region is to build a real platform for dialogue and consultation in a unified manner, within the framework of the decentralization process in our country, to promote sustainable management of water resources at river basin level. This basin boundary does not match with the regional governments’ boundary, and thus produce successive social conflicts around water use.

Are there any special projects or initiatives that you would like more widely known?

I would like to learn more about the vulnerabilities of global water infrastructure and past experiences to make a real risk prevention policy. I appreciate receiving monthly GWP bulletins to my personal mail.


Francisco Gayoso is a Civil Engineer graduated in the specialty of Hydraulic Engineering at the National University. He participated at the following projects and roles:

• Executive Director of the special project “Jequetepeque – Zaña” river

• Coastal Projects Manager at National Development Institute (INADE)

• President of INADE’s dams Security Committee.

• Project Manager of the DGIH (Water Infrastructure General Office, Ministry of Agriculture).

• He currently represents the Ministry of Agriculture as a member of GWP Peru.