MINAET Costa Rica

Interview with Mr. José Miguel Zeledón at Water Direction, MINAET, Costa Rica

What is the vision and mission of your organization?

The mission of the Water Direction of MINAET is to contribute significantly to the well being of the population of the country, through an integrated and sustainable management of water resources, guaranteeing the appropriate availability in quantity and quality for the growing needs that the country has, in a healthy and ecologically balanced environment.

The vision of the Water Direction, as a scientific-technological entity specialized in water resources, is to maintain the continuous surveillance of water in the country, to provide the administration and rational use of water resources, under a frame of efficiency and efficacy, and of the principles of sustainable human development.

Why did you decide to become a GWP Partner?

We decided to join GWP in order to share the GWP principles and because we believe that IWRM is needed to improve the water management in Costa Rica.

What have you found to be the benefits of being a GWP Partner?

The benefits of being a GWP Partner found by us, is the support it provides in processes as water law, IWRM National Planning and other IWRM instruments.

What is one challenge facing the management of water resources in your region?

One challenge facing the management of water resources in our region is to generate the information necessary to know the real offer and demand of the resource, needed to plan the access to water in the future .

Are there any special projects or initiatives that you would like more widely known?

We would like to know more about the aquifer management theme and underground water as a strategic resource for the region.