LIMNOS is committed to the development and deployment of nature-based solutions for wastewater treatment and mitigation of pollution. It also serves as host institution of GWP Slovenia since the establishment of a country office in 2001. This interview describes the company and its partnership with GWP. 

Describe your organisation, its vision and mission.

Since its establishment in 1994, LIMNOS is committed to development and deployment of nature-based solutions (NBS) for wastewater treatment and mitigation of pollution, both point and non-point sourced. Our vision is to follow key principles of circular economy and upgrade existing environmental services/products related to water management into multipurpose solutions for water and nutrient reuse.

From early research of water ecosystems and development of current products (constructed wetlands for wastewater treatment, sludge drying reed beds, co-natural reclamation of landfills, wetlands for preventing agricultural run-off), we now strive to work on community-led projects for sustainable water management. Our designs consider economic implications and compare green against grey solutions (or different combinations).

Our customers are individual house owners, public utilities, municipalities, and different public organisations.

How long has LIMNOS been a GWP Partner?

LIMNOS is the host institution of GWP Slovenia since the establishment of a country office in 2001. The main topics of GWP in Slovenia were sharing knowledge and experience on water ecology, sustainable and integrated water resources management, co-natural solutions application, water reuse etc. LIMNOS was a well-established company in the sector of water solutions and secured resources for the role of a host institution.

Today, we remain a proud Partner (and host institution) of GWP and we are exciting about new topics under development, mainly local awareness raising on integrated water resources management, climate resilience and application of nature-based solutions.

What are the benefits of being a GWP Partner?

The expert network is a relevant resource, particularly in the case of a small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) in what is still regarded as an alternative technology sector. Since our tasks arrive from a variety of areas and require constant connections of different experts in the projects, having a relevant network is an important asset. Membership in the network has also proved to be beneficial for partner search for cooperation for EU projects and good practices identification, particularly in the field of stakeholder communication.

Please share a challenge facing the management of water resources in your area of expertise.

NBS has been a buzz word and a much-promoted approach of the EU strategies and 2014-2020 funding programmes. This is due to its nature-imitation character, interdisciplinary and multi-benefit approach. In Slovenia however, the approach remains limited to constructed wetlands, renaturation efforts and green roof application, but only in the municipalities where they traditionally rely on novelties and are openminded and in touch with experts.

The benefits of NBS are far from becoming mainstream as they are not supported in the legislation, even less in public procurement, thus lacking crucial support from the government.

“Think nature first” is far from mainstream in Slovenia and much will have to be done in awareness raising to achieve this. We firmly believe that every infrastructure planned must be climate resilient, local water circle reconsidered and understood holistically and multipurpose. NBS main benefit is in its bottom-up enabler, giving local communities an opportunity to build resilient environment benefitting its inhabitants. The main driver is to create a high living quality of public (and private) spaces.   

Are there any special projects or initiatives that you would like more widely known?

You can follow our work at LinkedIn and FB profile, and our website. A novelty under development is a dedicated member e-learning page, where our latest content and offers will be available for those interested the NBS community. Our joint efforts with the GWP country partners may be seen on the new dedicated website of GWP Slovenia.

All photos are provided by LIMNOS. Top photo: Constructed ecosystem for agricultural run-off mitigation and water protection.