Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources, Republic of Zambia

Interview with Mr Ephraim Shitima, Director of the Department of Climate Change and Natural Resources in the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources, Republic of Zambia.

Ephraim Shitima

Please describe your organisation, its vision and mission?

The Department of Climate Change and Natural Resources is in the Zambian Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources. The Department is responsible for coordination and implementation of the National Policy on Climate Change of 2016, the National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan of 2015, as well as the National Policy on Wetlands of 2018. The Department is also the National Focal Point for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity (UNCBD).

How long has your organisation been a GWP Partner?

Our formal engagement with GWP as a Ministry has been in existence for about three years now, following a formal letter of appointing GWP as our Delivery Partner in 2017. However, even prior to that, we have had various engagement at various fora.

What are the benefits of being a GWP Partner?

The partnership with GWP has been very exciting for us as it brings to the table excellent expertise and we have forged mutual understanding which is helping us advance on our work. The expertise in relevant fields of our work, especially climate change, wetlands and water resources in general has been very useful. Also, the commitment by staff to ensure they provide the required technical staff ensures that we are jointly able to deliver on schedule.

Please share a challenge facing the management of water resources in your area of expertise

The major challenge in water resources management in Zambia in the past few years has been water stress related to climate change. The occurrence of droughts and floods have meant that water availability in required quantities has been a challenge. While some areas have experienced severe water shortages, flooding in other areas has wreaked havoc on people’s lives and livelihoods.

Are there any special projects or initiatives that you would like more widely known?

One project I would want to be publicized is the National Adaptation Planning for Climate Resilience (NAP4CR) funded by the Green Climate Fund (GCF) with GWP as our Delivery Partner.

The successful funding of NAP4CR was announced last month. It will enable Zambia to prepare its longer-term adaptation plan, covering both priority immediate and long term adaptation actions and mainstreaming climate change issues into national, sub-national and sectoral plans and budget processes.