Monitoring and Evaluation

A key challenge for policy and advocacy organisations like GWP is demonstrating direct attribution between its work and the outcomes and impact that this work was designed to influence. To better describe and understand this attribution gap, GWP has in place a comprehensive Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) system that consists of a hybrid of two methodologies; outcome mapping and traditional results-based management.

This combined approach enables the organisation to continue to analyse progress based on observed changes in the behaviour of boundary actors and related water governance, while at the same time being able to set quantified targets against a set of common indicators.

The system enables a broad and categorised record of GWP’s work in the context of the GWP Results Framework. It is designed to capture all our work through maintaining a level of consistency between planning frameworks and reporting formats to ensure that all activities and results are presented and evaluated in the context of the overall GWP strategic goals, mission and vision.

As a result, GWP is in a strong position to document in detail the influence that our activities and outputs have had and to what extent these can be related to water governance outcomes and, ultimately, water security impacts.